Lauren Underwood, Fighter for Working Families
vs. Rep. Randy Hultgren, an Obstacle Who Stands in Their Way

Paid Leave Champion Lauren Underwood


Lauren Underwood calls paid family leave part of a “‘nonpartisan’ economic security agenda, which also includes equal pay, affordable childcare, full reproductive health care and an increased minimum wage.”[1]

Lauren Underwood will bring her experience as a registered nurse, a health policy expert and a person with a pre-existing condition to her work serving Illinois’ 14th congressional district. In Congress, she has pledged to fight for families and calls “family,” along with “jobs” and “health care” a core value.[2]

Illinois’ 14th district needs a representative — and a paid leave champion — who will stand with women and working families and not stand in their way.

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Randy Hultgren, the Obstacle


In Congress, Rep. Randy Hultgren stands in the way of working families, robbing them of income and basic protections.

  • In the past two years alone, he’s voted to take away working people’s longstanding right to receive overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours per week,[3] and he voted to take away paid sick time from long-haul truckers.[4]

  • He’s also voted to make it harder for employees to hold employers responsible for labor violations.[5]

  • And he voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act[6] and voted in favor of huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations while leaving working families behind.[7]

As a Member of Congress, Rep. Hultgren has failed to support policies to advance working families’ economic security and make our lives easier.

  • He does not support raising the minimum wage; expanding access to paid family and medical leave, paid sick time, child care or fair work schedules; ensuring access to equal pay; or helping pregnant workers protect their health and the health of their pregnancy at their workplace.[8]

  • The American Association of University Women gives Rep. Hultgren a score of “0” for failing to support equal pay, women’s health, tax fairness and more.[9]

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